Fountain grass

When it comes to boosting the appearance of your garden landscape, adding fountain grass may give more value and beauty as well. Fountain grass, also referred to as Chinese Fountain grass and Swamp Foxtail grass is known to tolerate soil that is a bit salty and can thrive during the drought season. It is best planted in areas where it can get full sunlight for better growth. Its color usually varies depending on its type where its flowers can last for long periods of time. With its graceful shape resembling that of cascading water from a fountain, this grass was dubbed fountain grass.

Like it was mentioned before, there are different types of fountain grass such as feather reed grass which grows in clumps and shoot straight up the sky. Often used in areas that are prone to flooding or near the water banks, this type of fountain grass can be called beautiful in its own right especially when its color can catch anyone’s attention. This type of fountain grass can actually survive whether in limited or full sunlight with the color of its blossoms and leaves changing as the season passes by.

Picture of fountain grass

With fountain grass referred to as ornamental grass due to their size and growth patterns including its amazing design, you can use them as borders, or as highlights in your garden landscape easily. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by the rippling of its leaves when the wind passes by? And since this type of grass is quite hardy, you don’t have to worry too much about it getting damaged from the harsh weather conditions in your area. Of course, you need to pay special attention to it during its first few months until it can manage to survive on its own. Fortunately, fountain grass has no pests to worry about which means they can survive on their own.

Another type of fountain grass that is worth mentioning is the pampas grass which is ideal for climates that are a bit hot since it originated in South America where the climate tends to be on the hot and humid. Although this type of fountain grass has been coveted by North America, it may tend to be quite invasive when not cared for properly but can be quite attractive when well taken care of.

Picture of feather reed grass

Whatever type of fountain grass you have in mind to add to your garden these days, you should learn more about their pros and cons first before buying and planting so you know which one best fits your garden and your preferences. This is quite important especially when you don’t want to end up removing them all when they start becoming invasive already.

When it comes to ornamental grass, fountain grass is most likely to be the best choice to have especially when it’s amazing colors and flowers blend perfectly well with its surroundings. Placing them strategically on your lawn will prove to be beneficial on your part as the fountain grass grows beautifully adding more appeal to your landscape that easily.